9 Must Have Outfit Items For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best excuses to go out, drink as much (green) beer as possible and of course have a bit of fun with green outfit items and accessories.

I personally love the yearly celebrations that force you to be creative with what you are wearing. We get a couple of these per year, the big ones being Valentines Day (pink, red, lace, hearts), Canada Day (red and white, DUH!) and of course St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, I know we can all go out and buy a crazy amount of green beads, shamrock tattoos and even those shirts that say ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’, but I enjoy the challenge of trying to be a bit more creative and incorporate that must have green color with pieces that yes, are great for looking cute while throwing back Guinness pints at the Irish Pub, but can actually work in your daily wardrobe later on too!

Here are some of my favourite pieces that are available now, perfect for this weekend (or March 17th) and are each like finding your own little pot of gold (given the price points)!!

St. Patricks Day

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3 Hot Accessory Pairings For Spring 2015!

This morning on CTV Morning Live I got to pull together one of the most FUN segments I have done to date! While I usually focus on clothes and complete looks, I rarely get to focus in on the amazing thing that all shoes and bags embody, but today was all about both!

You can watch the full segment here, but as requested via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, here are your 3 favorite looks and all the info you need to shop them online and hey, maybe gift yourself a little pre Spring present?

3 Hot Accessory Pairings For Spring

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What To Wear: Vegas Weekend

As you can probably imagine, being 8 months pregnant sort of limits your ability to up and head out on fun, last minute getaways and therefore limits your ability to buy, mix, match and coordinate awesome outfits for said weekend jaunts.

Now, I’m starting with Vegas because my amazing husband gave me a trip (whenever I choose to go) last weekend for my baby shower. Now, I’ve got to be honest here, I have NO idea when this trip will actually take place, but just the thought of planning, online window shopping, closet analyzing and styling has been really theraputic for me and I keep finding myself day dreaming about what I would pack.

Whether it’s because it’s just plain FUN or because it’s allowing me to imagine a day where I will be able to wear whatever I want without considering my growing belly, I think I’m going to start putting together looks for all upcoming real and not real (don’t worry I’ll specify) future plans.

Again, as Vegas has been a topic of conversation lately, I’ll start with this trip pipe dream! 🙂

Look 1: On the plane (and Day 1 in Vegas)!!!

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