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What I’m Wearing: Valentine’s Day Date

image3The Valentine’s Day date doesn’t always have to be all about the little black, red or pink dress. Stiletto’s, sequins or sultry necklines. Sometimes, the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day is the one that is easy, simple and most importantly, comfortable! Hey! You never know what you might get up to on your date, right!?

Personally, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’ll be getting up to and while I’m pretty sure it will involve something fun, it most definitely will be shared with a now very mobile 9 month old, so for me, comfort truly is key.

Here’s how I’m pulling it together:

On Top:

Flowy blouse, over sized flannel shirt (with cute leather detailing) and my favorite black leather jacket. Layering is the key to this look. Not only does it give you tons to work with depending on where you go and what you do, but it also adds that little bit of personal flair to the whole outfit.

On The Bottom:

While you could easily pair your top options with black or blue denim, I thought that a detailed legging would be the perfect addition to this look and these Golda Leggings from Karma Athletics  absolutely fit the bill. The best part? A totally functional pant that has a fun mesh panel down the the front of each leg, which add that perfect amount of Valentine’s Day chic… and side note, I’m pretty confident these will make your Valentine do a double take!

The Extra’s:

Add some booties, a bright red lip AND make sure to accessorize with your favorite piece of jewelry (or you know, a bunch of bright red heart balloons)!!!

Happy Styling and Happy Valentine’s Day!





Love Affair: Really Distressed Denim

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It might be a little cold for this type of completely distressed denim, but come on! We all need that super comfy, barely there (I mean, are these actually considered pants?!), pair of ripped blue jeans.

This pair of affordable ($69.90) Zara jeans were my go to for Fall ’15 and I’m planning on finding a way to incorporate them into my winter wardrobe – I’m thinking, chunky turtle neck on top and lace tights underneath. (Pics to come of course)!

After all, your favorite pair of denim has to be a year long love affair.




Welcome To My Brand New Website!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website! I couldn’t be more excited about having a great place to share what I’m up to, all the video clips and info on my CTV Morning Live segments and of course, EVERYTHING style – from tips and tricks to must buy items and of course, how to simplify style and make it into something of your own.

I’ve got a new comments section now, so I would love to hear your thoughts on my posts and any topics that you might want me to cover.

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy!

Chat soon,

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4 Basic Buys

Prints and patterns are so fun to play around with, especially as the temperture gets warmer and warmer – I mean who doesn’t want to go pick up a flamingo printed cami or floral slip on shoes?

BUT, as fun as those pieces are, I promise that key basics will truly be your best wardrobe friends this season – after all, what do you think you are going to pair those fun prints with?

I snuck out to the mall this weekend and picked up 4 key basic pieces that I think… wait, scratch that, I KNOW will be staples for me from now until the end of summer!

Check out where to buy them below or watch my video here.

4 Basic Buys

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9 Must Have Outfit Items For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best excuses to go out, drink as much (green) beer as possible and of course have a bit of fun with green outfit items and accessories.

I personally love the yearly celebrations that force you to be creative with what you are wearing. We get a couple of these per year, the big ones being Valentines Day (pink, red, lace, hearts), Canada Day (red and white, DUH!) and of course St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, I know we can all go out and buy a crazy amount of green beads, shamrock tattoos and even those shirts that say ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’, but I enjoy the challenge of trying to be a bit more creative and incorporate that must have green color with pieces that yes, are great for looking cute while throwing back Guinness pints at the Irish Pub, but can actually work in your daily wardrobe later on too!

Here are some of my favourite pieces that are available now, perfect for this weekend (or March 17th) and are each like finding your own little pot of gold (given the price points)!!

St. Patricks Day

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Baby Bump Bash

I am the luckiest girl in the world… soon to be replaced of course by the lovely Little J, who I can now confirm will be most stylish little fashionista baby ever.

This past Saturday I had my baby shower or as we called it, a glamorous baby bump bash. As many of you probably know, having a baby shower was something I was not over the moon about. I’ve never understood the baby games, oohing and ahhing over everything baby and decorating with pastels, animals, soothers and baby bottles, but this Saturday everything was absolutely perfect – maybe not the typical shower, but one that was exactly me and my wonderful friends.

We had the bash at my place because I love hosting and felt that it was truly the best venue for everyone to spend quality time with each other.

My favorite part was the decor! I’m definitely not the best party decor expert out there, but a quick stop at Party City and we were set. We didn’t have a theme, but stuck with black, white, silver and bright pink for everything we bought. It ended up looking really great, keeping everything simple, fun and elegant.


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Dressing For A Specific Event… Things to think about.

I think I could be one of the worst people for falling prey to feeling like I need something new to wear to every big/important event I have to attend.

Now, let me be clear, sometimes going out to the find the perfect dress for the big party is exactly what’s needed. I mean it’s no fun wearing the same outfit over and over again (especially at specific to dress for events), but sometimes, all that’s really needed is a good shop session and little bit of reasoning.

Now, it took me being 31 weeks pregnant to realize this, but today I truly came out feeling like I made one of the wisest fashion purchasing decisions i’ve ever made.

This Saturday is my baby shower. We’re doing a ‘dressed up’ lunch at my house and I was 100% sure that I wanted to wear a dress that was both cute and flowy enough to cover my baby bump.

BGBG MAX AZRIA Amelia Printed Cut Out – $264.00

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Time To Start A Blog?

So here we go. First blog ever. Finally.

Truth be told, I’m not quite sure how to do this. I read all these fantastic blogs and always think to myself, how on earth are these people coming up with such fantastic content everyday? How is it that they can have these clever musings that keep me engrossed in their lives on the daily?

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