GEO LOVE: 7 lovely shaped (and priced) items to add to your accessory collection!

We are seeing a huge GEO trend in accessories this Spring, and while I may not have been a geometry wiz in school, I can definitely figure out these 7 lovely shaped items! All are super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe (think flowy dresses, denim or easy basics) and also have the added bonus of being easy to incporporate into your budget!

Geo Love

1. H and M 3 Pack Rings

2. Aida Kibur Triangle Necklace

3. Melanie Auld Tribal Necklace

4. Forever 21 Faux Stone Statement Necklace 

5. Express Triangle Aztec Metal Bracelet

6. Leah Alexandra Gem Ring

7. Forever 21 Fringed Geo Drop Earrings

Good luck with those shapes!

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