Baby Bump Bash

I am the luckiest girl in the world… soon to be replaced of course by the lovely Little J, who I can now confirm will be most stylish little fashionista baby ever.

This past Saturday I had my baby shower or as we called it, a glamorous baby bump bash. As many of you probably know, having a baby shower was something I was not over the moon about. I’ve never understood the baby games, oohing and ahhing over everything baby and decorating with pastels, animals, soothers and baby bottles, but this Saturday everything was absolutely perfect – maybe not the typical shower, but one that was exactly me and my wonderful friends.

We had the bash at my place because I love hosting and felt that it was truly the best venue for everyone to spend quality time with each other.

My favorite part was the decor! I’m definitely not the best party decor expert out there, but a quick stop at Party City and we were set. We didn’t have a theme, but stuck with black, white, silver and bright pink for everything we bought. It ended up looking really great, keeping everything simple, fun and elegant.


I was also incredibly lucky to have my flowers homemade for me by my Mom’s uber talented friend Maureen. Once she launches a website I will add the link because she would definitely be the go to specialty events flower woman on the North Shore (I’m calling this now).



It was catered it by the amazing Tommy Caters in North Vancouver. The appies ranged from salmon cakes and mushroom bruschetta to pulled pork sliders and the crowd favourite, a BC cheese platter.

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For drinks, we went with (duh!) bubbly and one of my favourite bottles, Chandon Brut Classic. Domaine Chandon is the California operation of France’s Moët et Chandon. It’s a large producer of good value bubbly that is an excellent alternative to real champagne. I picked everything up at Everything Wine, another go to for me – when I can have wine of course! 😉


Lastly, my sister had my cake done by Cupcakes. It was so gorgeous nobody wanted to eat it, but alas, once the cake was cut, we enjoyed every bite!


We did all sit down to do gifts and while at first I was a bit worried that it might be awkward to open everything up in front of everyone, but it was really fun to go through everything together and oh my gosh, Little J was so spoiled! She literally got everything from leopard print leos and tutu’s (in pink AND white) to skinny jeans and a gorgeous swaddling blanket kit (that works for Spring and Summer).

A few very special standouts were handmade knit shoes, my totally fab diaper bag from my Mom and from Rob’s Mom, a handmade knit blanket with matching mini bunny snuggly. My wonderful husband wrote me a card telling me he would take me to Vegas the day that I think we can sneak away for two nights (the card also asked my mom to watch Little J during this time, very strategic if you ask me) and as an incredibly special present, my very best and closest friends got me a gorgeous Tiffany necklace with a letter J pendant. To be worn by me until I want to give it to her to wear. How incredibly sweet is that?



In the end, it was a perfect day with perfect people and was yet another time that I’m reminded how lucky I am to have all of these amazing people in my life and know that eventually Little J will feel the exact same way.



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