Dressing For A Specific Event… Things to think about.

I think I could be one of the worst people for falling prey to feeling like I need something new to wear to every big/important event I have to attend.

Now, let me be clear, sometimes going out to the find the perfect dress for the big party is exactly what’s needed. I mean it’s no fun wearing the same outfit over and over again (especially at specific to dress for events), but sometimes, all that’s really needed is a good shop session and little bit of reasoning.

Now, it took me being 31 weeks pregnant to realize this, but today I truly came out feeling like I made one of the wisest fashion purchasing decisions i’ve ever made.

This Saturday is my baby shower. We’re doing a ‘dressed up’ lunch at my house and I was 100% sure that I wanted to wear a dress that was both cute and flowy enough to cover my baby bump.

BGBG MAX AZRIA Amelia Printed Cut Out – $264.00

 I scowered the web for looks that I could easily pick up at local shops and settled on a few favourites that would do the ‘dressed up’ look perfectly from BCBG Max Azria. As always (and as you’ll get to know) one of my very favourite things to do is pop into BCBG and try on each and every dress (more on this another day), so that’s exactly what I did…

As predicted, a few of the tops I fell in love with online, were jus a bit too short for my growing belly, so that left me with the option of this gorgeous cut out relaxed fit dress, which I secretly knew was going to be the winner from the beginning. It was fun, flirty and the colors were perfect for this upcoming Spring season, but the price point was definitely something to think about and I still wasn’t completey enamored with the look. So, as any seasoned shopper would do, I put it on hold to think about my potential purchase and check out some other stores and options (just in case).

Three stores later and nothing was coming close to my BCBG find – except as fate would have it, a lovely little leather jacket from Wilfred, which of course has absolutely nothing to do with my goal of finding something for the baby shower. But alas, it was a perfect fit and was about half off (thank you F/W 14 sales).

Again, I put the jacket on hold, headed home and on my short journey back realized a few important things:

 1) I really need a little leather bomber jacket.

2) I could definitely pull together a look with existing pieces in my wardrobe for Saturday’s fete.

3) Did I really want to purchase a dress from BCBG at 8 months pregnant?

4) I really need a little leather bomber jacket.

5) A leather jacket is a true investment piece and for the cost I had budgeted for the shower outfit, this could be a potential slam dumk on the buying side.

6) I really need a little leather bomber jacket.

Needless to say, my mind was made up before I even hit my closet to double check that I had something fun available to me for Saturday.

So, the moral of the story is: When dressing for a specific event, take the time to truly think about what you could be adding and investing into your wardrobe, as opposed to the fun frock that might really only work on a few occasions, put items on hold to make sure you truly think them through before buying and hey, you never know what goregous little gem you’ll end up with!

(For the record, I totally adore the BCBG dress, but I think I’ll wait until post baby body before I buy one of their gorgeous pieces!!!)


Wilfred Free Bobine Jacket – $270 (From $598)

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